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Home from home care for your pets

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Please contact us to discuss a package tailored to your needs.

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Home from home care for your pets. Insured, DBS checked, canine first aid trained and licensed by the local authority.

Dog Walking. Day Care. Puppy Visits. Senior Dog Care. Home Boarding. Small Animal Care. Drop In Visits.

Please contact us for further information about any of the services listed - we would be happy to discuss your pet needs.


Exercise and Fun

Visits for when you are at work or out for the day. These visits will allow your dog to be well exercised with well planned, active walks. Group and 1:1 walks are available and range from 30 minutes to 1 hour in length. We will work with you to plan a schedule which meets the needs of your dog as well as fitting around your day.

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Home from home care.

Work all day? Having a day out? Our day care service could be the perfect solution to ensuring a happy dog! During day care we will treat your pet as a part of our family. They will experience walks, feeding and play leaving you to return to a happy, relaxed pet at the end of your day!


Drop in visits for your puppy.

We understand the challenges of taking care of your new puppy before they are allowed to go out for walks. Our drop in visits provide the opportunity for toileting and play indoors and in the garden. We can also work on using your training commands and tailor our visits to the needs of your new furry friend.

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Care for older dogs

As our dogs get older their needs change. They need more frequent toilet breaks and can become lonely. At Star Paws Welton we understand the needs of your older dog. We offer visits, walks at a length to suit your dog and company before we leave. We can tailor our visits to meet the needs of your dog to give them the love and care they deserve as they grow older.


Home from home care for your dog when you are away.

We understand that you want to leave your furry friend in a safe and comfortable home whilst you are away. At Star Paws Welton we can provide a home-from-home environment for your dog. During an overnight stay we will ensure that your pet receives cuddles, a comfortable, warm place to sleep and several walks. We will keep to your feeding schedule  and provide lots of opportunities for play so that you will return to a happy, well cared for dog.

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